Our trip was just as I described it. We had a perfect time.
We spent Friday night with Leslie and Vaughn and walked to Davis Square and ate at a great restaurant called Spoke. We loved everything about it.
We were up at 3:00 am to catch a 4:00 am taxi to the airport.
We were on separate flights. Leslie and Vaughn flew Delta and we flew American. Both Leslie and Neal are after airline points. Both Vaughn and I flew using their miles.
They got there first and already had the van to take us to the Grand Myan. Our room was perfect but Leslie was able to get us upgraded after a few days to a room that will never be able to be topped. We had an ocean and Mountain View. Our porch was as big as my yard and we were on the 9th floor.
Every meal was perfect. We even got to help open the new French restaurant on our last night. Our last night was their first night. Our server who was previously from the Mexican restaurant was now doing French. He was a little shaky with the table side food prep but we were very kind to him. I think that is why he invited us to the opening.
We got to use the exclusive pools thanks to Leslie and Vaughn. This really meant quiet and better chairs. Trust me, the other ones were just fine but these were over the top.
Now we are home and already planning for next year. It made it much easier to come home, knowing we would go back next year.
I gained less than a pound even with all the eating because we walked about 8 miles every day partly looking for the perfect pool chair.

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