Hello to 2015

Hello to a New Year

We are already into the 6th day of 2015. Remember when we read 1984 somewhere around 50 years ago and we thought hard about how old we would be in that year. Now we are over 30 years past that momentous year and still kicking.
Last year had some twists and turns and I am sure this year will as well. All we can do is take each day at a time and be grateful for the opportunities in that day.
Today I am having lunch with a friend. Also my new washer will arrive any minute. The lunch will be the high point but I am grateful that we can get the new washer without wondering what we would have to give up to pay for it.
Speaking of money, I am no longer doing one of my consulting jobs. I will no longer be working with New England Low Vision. This still leaves me with my Talking Book Library job and my Yahoo gig. I will have less money but less stress and I promised myself a stress free retirement.
I will always be looking for some other fun project to sink my teeth into so keep me posted.
We spent New Year’s Eve in Maine having dinner with close friends. Neal was not feeling well so he spent part of the evening sleeping on their couch. We were in bed by 9:30.
We had Nana’s Fake Christmas on Sunday the 4th. We had a great time with lovely company, gifts and food. My Christmas tree now feels like part of the furniture but I guess I will have to take it down this week end.
My New Years resolution is to spend more time in contact with family and friends. Long distance calling is free and I intend to use it more often and not email quite as much.
My daughter has talked me into being part of an exercise and diet support group on Facebook. I can add using groups to my Facebook skills.
I guess that is all I have to write today. I will try to write more since I no longer have to contribute to the NELV blog; I should have more time and inspiration to write here.

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