A New Fitbit

A New Fitbit

Are you sick of hearing about my Fitbit?
Well, I have a new one.
I was asked to trade my 1 year old Fitbit 1 for a brand new Fitbit Charge.
Why would I not do this? I loved my old one and the new one should only be better. I had been wondering for a long time how I might like a Fitbit that I wore on my wrist so I could really be part of the Fitbit culture.
I have the new device and I have been wearing it for a few days. I have to say I kind of miss my old one. I think I would strongly suggest the Fitbit 1 for people who are older or visually impaired and here is why:
First let me say the really good thing about the new one. It monitors your sleep automatically and that is kind of fun. If you feel like you had a bad night sleep it is nice to have someone or something vouch for you. It is kind of like having someone watch over you while you sleep.
The units you wear on your arm really track your motion by the motion of your arm. I hold on with both hands when I tread mill. When I pace around the house, I commonly trail the wall or hold my Victor Stream in my left hand. By the way, you are told to wear this on your non dominant arm. Even when I run in place I seem to either hold on with both hands or use my left hand to check my steps on my phone. Some of this I can teach myself to change habits. However, I cannot tread mill without holding on with both hands. I can solve this by keeping the Charge in my pocket while I tread mill.
I had a lot of trouble with the catch when I first tried putting it on. It is hard to do if you don’t have good strength in your hands and we old ladies suffer from that weakness.

The catch is getting easier now; I think it has loosened up.
I like the new Fitbit but I think the Fitbit 1 is much better for people like me. I have also been told it is the most accurate.
I am still a serious fan of these products. I can’t say enough about how they have changed my life. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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