Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl Commercials?

As some of you know, I am not much of a football fan. In fact I strongly dislike football. This is not the case for my husband or most of my family. My children were not fans growing up but they have gone to the dark side.
I do, however, like Super Bowl Commercials. I struggled with them this year.
Neal returned from a business trip in Florida Saturday afternoon. Even though we had someone do a great job plowing out the front of the house and I cleared a small space in back for our dog, there was a lot of shoveling waiting for him. He decided to do a lot of it during the Super Bowl Commercials. I guess it was the result of pent up Patriot stress. He would just step out the door on to the porch and shovel. There were a lot of commercials so he could do a lot of shoveling.
Normally this is not a big deal for me. Commercials are usually pretty easy to get without seeing them.
Not so much this year.
First of all, the over riding theme was not to make us laugh. Commercials had serious messages and sometimes crying was in order. However, many of the ads never said the name of the product or company out loud. This meant that all the people heading for beer in the kitchen or all people who are visually impaired never knew what the ad was for. There were a couple with no talking at all, one with no sound at all.
I kept begging Neal to stay in and watch commercials with me so I would completely understand them. Eventually, because there were so many ads, he gave up shoveling and watched commercials.
This morning I figured out that maybe the companies did not want to ruin their special message by saying the name of the company out loud at the end of the commercial?
I hope all these companies with non talking commercials don’t think we people who are visually impaired don’t care about their products.

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