Pretending It Is Spring

Last fall when I planted new bulbs in my front garden I put a few into a brown paper bag and tightly wrapped them. I placed the package in my fridge at the very back.
Sunday I bought some potting soil. It was fun finding it among all the winter things in Home Depot.
Today the temperature feebly poked its head above freezing. The sun has been pouring in the living room. I felt like I needed to make myself a little spring.
Just opening the bag of soil was a pleasure. There really is nothing more spring like than the smell of good black dirt.
I filled a good size pot about half way and gently placed the bulbs on top of the soil. Then I filled the rest of the pot with soil and added a little water. I found a nice sunny spot for the pot and we shall see if I get tulips.
It felt great to get my hands in that dirt and have a little spring even if it is going to go down to single digits again tonight.
The sun is feeling brighter and we are having much longer days. We have added almost two hours to our day since before Christmas.
Spring will come and this winter will be little more than a good story.

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