How much pollen does a tree need to make to survive? It seems to me like we are living in the midst of overkill.
We jumped right from salt encrusted cars to pollen encrusted cars. Now every car, no matter what color, is wearing a coat of gritty yellow.
I think most of this is tree pollen and we are having a giant influx of it. I think we are doing everything big this year. I don’t know if anyone is measuring this stuff but I do know it is everywhere in our yard, in our house, and on every surface.
Maybe because we have not had a lot of rain it is exasperating things.
I know my allergies are extra not fun this year and I hear the same thing every where I go. This pollen seems to especially bother eyes. I have taken to coating the outside corners of my eyes with Chap Stick. This is probably not good but it works.
Now, the question I started with was, How much pollen does a tree need?
I could end with how much do I need these trees?
The people in the house next to me are taking all their trees down. I don’t really know why. It makes me cringe. Those trees have been there for decades and he has only been there a few months.
We looked at getting solar and our roof failed unless we take down the two giant pine tree pollen creators in my back yard but I just can’t do it. They are so pretty and there are entire worlds up there in those trees. I also have created a mostly shade garden that depends on them for the shade. On the other hand they kill the lawn with their needles. Oh my, such choices.
For now the trees are staying and I will carry a chapstick with me at all times.
Sorry for the wining.

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