Yes, Fitbit Again

I know I keep talking about my Fitbit and how much I love it.
I actually wanted to write something a week or so ago and now I have a second reason to write. I will just toss it all together so you don’t have to feel like I am pushing this device, although I am.
Fitbit is now a family deal for us. We are now 3 generations of Fitbit users all tracking one another on the texting app. We even had a family week end challenge.
Neal, also known in this crowd as Pop Pop, Two of our children, a son in law and a daughter in law, 2 grandchildren and a granddaughter in law are now all Fit bit users. Our grandson and his wife are in the UK and we can all text back and forth through Fitbit for free.
Most of us have seen serious results from keeping up our steps and we plan to keep at it. 4 of us have passed a year and a half walking to good health.
Because the app for the I Phone talks using Voice Over, I can stay on top of all that is going on.
Now for part two:
A couple of days ago my Fitbit Charge started to fall apart. The band started separating from the watch. Now, mind you, the unit still worked I just could not wear it on my wrist. Never fear, we keep a Fitbit Zip for emergencies.
We contacted the company and today I received an email saying they were sending me another one because my unit is less than a year old.
They respond so quickly and with such a great attitude that I feel like it has even been kind of fun to have my unit break.
As some of you know I spent my professional life in the field of adaptive technology. For 14 years I owned my own company called Adaptive Technology Consulting. This is how I always wanted to do business. I think we carried it off a lot of the time but since we got all our actual product from other manufacturers we did not have total control over our customer service.
I know perfectly well that Fitbit does not provide this kind of service for free. We pay for it in the mark up of the product. However. The cost of the Fitbit products is not unfair. They have a range that can fit most pocketbooks. Instead of putting profits in some CEO’s pocket they are putting, at least some of it in customer service and that money goes a long way.
Three cheers for Fitbit.

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