Saturday in Nashville

Saturday in Nashville
We were up and out of the house at 3:50 am. We are good at pulling that off. Corry would not get there for a couple of hours so Martin, our dog, was looking pretty sad. We got the 4:30 bus and we were on our way to the airport. All went smoothly and the trip was entirely uneventful other than sitting on the runway in Philadelphia for an hour waiting for the Pope’s plane to land.
We were a little late landing in Nashville but we knew we would have to wait a while for our condo to be ready. We did not check bags so all we needed to do was pick up our rental car.
We brought our GPS and finding the time share was straight forward. The weather has been warmish and very humid with on and off mist and a couple of good down pours. We have great rain jackets so we are not too bothered by rain if it is not too cold.
We checked in at the Windom resort where we are staying but our room would not be ready for a couple of hours. Of course they tried to talk us into signing up for a wonderful free evening and breakfast. All we had to do was listen to their time share pitch and we have heard too many of them so we just said no. The woman who was trying to get us to sign up called me mama bear and I was pretty much done at that point.
Our condo is just fine but not spectacular. We are on the third floor and not using the elevator so that is giving us a way to help burn off all the heavenly, southern, fattening food.
After checking in we went to the grocery store and bought a few things. We were getting pretty hungry and a bit cranky so we headed for lunch.
Before we were really over the edge we found a place called Caney Fork River Fish Camp. It is totally a tourist trap but a fun tourist trap and the food was amazing. Before our lunch they brought us piping hot corn fritters. I could have eaten them and nothing else but our lunch was very good as well. I only had one fritter. There were four. I was so proud of myself that I did not have another one. However, even if I had wanted one the other three just seemed to jump off our table.
I think Neal had something to do with that. We got our call that the room was ready and headed to our new home away from home. It was 4:00 by then and we both tried to nap.
We left the room at about 6:45 and headed to Broadway where all the action is. It turned out that Taylor Swift was doing a concert that night so parking was grossly over priced. We bit the bullet and took a picture of our parking sign so we would be sure to find our way back.
Broadway is like Bourbon Street only wilder. Is you ever want to buy cowboy boots I guess this is the place to come. Between every two bars there is a store selling boots. There are no barkers trying to get you into their bar or club. The music can be heard from the street and we just walked around until we found something we wanted to hear more of.
We went to a bar called Legends. The prices are not too bad but then people drink mostly beer and wine.
Neal wore tie die, what a surprise. He could have sold fifty shirts. People were hugging him all night. It was pretty funny.
We went to dinner at Margaritaville and it was probably a mistake. They did have live music on two floors but not the best of the night and the food was only average.
Now we were starting to crash so we walked back to our car and drove home.
We are about a ten minute drive from Broadway.

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