Thursday in Nashville

Thursday in Nashville
I think my energy level might be winding down.
We got a late start and headed for the mall. This is the big Opry mall that replaced the theme park. It is big and it is a mall. I did get some boots. They are just kind of fun boots not really the kind you can wear forever.
Next we were on our way to the home of Andrew Jackson. It is called Hermitage. This was something I really wanted to do and it was not as nice as I had hoped. We did have a lovely lunch and the gift shop was beautiful. The house, itself was so well protected I could not even soak up the atmosphere. It was also very cold.
We have gone directly from too hot to too cold with the rain being the only constant.
When we got home it was really too late for a nap but I took a long hot bath.
Scott picked out a very nice restaurant for dinner called Prima. I can’t begin to describe how beautiful this place was. I want the lighting in our living room. The food was memorable. We met the chef and he gave us a special dessert. We closed the place down.
Then it was back to Broadway for our last night of bar hopping. I don’t think any of us were hopping. We hit a couple of bars but poor old Nana was pretty tired and we were home before 1:00.
Now I have to figure out how to get the jacket and boots I bought into my carryon bag.

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