Friday in Nashville

Friday in Nashville

Well, our last full day in Nashville dawned with still more rain. It at least waited until we got home from breakfast. We made a quick trip back to the mall so Neal could look at boots but he did not get any.
We decided to hit a couple of second hand stores but they were totally lame and very overpriced.
We had a nice lunch and visited the Willi Nelson Museum and Ernest Tubbs record store and saw his tour bus. We could go through the bus and it was really fun. Everything was wood and leather and no plastic. Those were the good old days.
Nap time was upon us and we knew we needed a good sleep so we could be wide awake for our 9:30 Grand Ole Opry event.
We started the evening with drinks and snacks in our condo and we were off for the big event. We had to park quite a distance from the event and of course it was raining. It was just the misty rain and we did not get all that wet. We did get a lot of steps.

After standing in line for drinks we were headed in. The seats were long padded benches with padded backs but they sure packed us in.
The show was great. It was everything I hoped and more. I can’t believe it was really 2 hours, it went so quickly. I think that even Scott and Laura liked it in spite of not being country music fans. Something has to be good to last 90 years and this was the 90 year birthday celebration.
After we finally found our car, thanks to Laura, we realized we were all a little hungry. It was midnight now and we were not sure what would be open. We ended up heading to the Nashville Palace, the place we had been calling our place. Scott and Laura had not been there. They were open but packed. It was too cold to sit outside so we found a table.
Some people we had met in line for drinks at the Opry were also there and they sat with us. The food was only so so but it was food. The music was great and lots of people were dancing.
We ended up home at about 2:00 and fell into bed for our last night in Nashville.
This had been a great trip.
On Saturday morning we all packed, ate breakfast and headed for the airport and the sad trip home. Neal and I felt like we had two different trips. We had the warm weather trip that was just us and the cold weather trip with Laura and Scott. Both trips had rain and good music.

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