Thursday in Qing Dao

I am actually writing this on Thursday before I go to bed. I usually end up writing the next morning.


Today was a start to finish work day. Oh, there was that massage at the school for the blind.

We needed to be at breakfast at 7:00 so we could get on the bus at 7:30. The traffic was nasty. Breakfast was good. Most of us went to the school for the blind to do presentations for the teachers and students.

I am getting to know the conference group that has traveled here from the rest of the world. I am making wonderful new friends.

Neal and Bill from Dancing Dots were together presenting and I was with the rest of the group. My actual presentation is tomorrow. We got back to the hotel about 6:30 and we were all pretty broken. I think most of us are still pretty jet lagged.

This conference is inspiring me to look for another travel opportunity to work in the field of blindness. I would be interested to find something involving services for the elderly.

What fun Neal and I have when we work together.

People here stop and stare at us on the street. I think it is not just seeing an actual blind woman but seeing her with a sighted man.

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