Friday in Qin Dao

Today was presentation day. I was pretty nervous from the moment I got up.

We had a lovely breakfast and it was off to speeches including mine.

Shortly before it was time for me to begin, Ming asked me if I would like to use the bathroom. Since my presentation would be an hour I thought it was a good idea. I remembered to bring paper. Just before stepping in the stall I asked if it was a sitting toilet and Ming said no.

My heart stopped. I was all dressed up including panty hose. I had used a squat toilet the previous day so I knew how hard it would be all dressed up. I gave this idea serious thought.

Maybe I could wait.

Maybe not.

I decided to be very careful and give it my best shot.

I did pretty well but these old knees really don’t want to push me up from that position any more.

I found the sort of knob on the stall door.

I bravely put two fingers on the floor and gave myself a shove.

I had images of falling back into the basin, good dress and all.

I made it up and thanked the Lord for this small blessing.

My speech went fine.

Ming is such a good translator and she had a print copy of my speech.

I had a text file on my victor Stream and one head phone in my ear. I listened to a sentence and spoke it and Ming translated.

I was glad when this was over.

Lunch never tasted so good.

I even had a very small glass of wine.

Then it was back in the hall for the rest of the speeches and we were done.

The good by dinner was kind of sad. I have made some wonderful new friends.

Now it is time to pack and get ready for a 6:00 am ride to the airport.


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