Keep Reading May 2016

Keep Reading May 2016

This has been an interesting and eclectic reading month for me. Sometimes I take reading journeys that go places I never expected to go.
This months adventure took me to a long, somewhat confusing but worth reading Biography called:
Romantic Outlaws The Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and Her Daughter Mary Shelly by Charlotte Gordon

This book covered both biographies simultaneously and got a little confusing. It seemed like everyone used the same names in those days.
There are several biographies about Mary Shelley but it was nice to learn about Mary Wollstonecraft.
Well, as long as I learned all about when, why and how many times Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein, I might as well read that book.
To start with it is really called:
Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus. It seemed that her husband the poet was very interested in Prometheus.
I am going to make you want to read one of the biographies because it is truly fascinating why she wrote this book.
Also, Frankenstein is a great book and easy to read. Trust me; if you have not actually read the book you don’t know the story.
Staying with the subject of early 19th century literature, I read and thoroughly enjoyed Dark Quartet, The Story of Brontes.
Now I will have to go back and reread their books and discover new ones by Lynn Banks Read. .
This is a fictionalized biography of the Bronte children. three of the sisters went on to write books as adults. This book was easy to read and will make me look for more by this author.
Now for a novel to add to your summer reading list. This book was recommended by a friend who always makes good suggestions.
Snow Child, by Eowyn Ivey.
This book is directly taken from an old Russian folk tale with lots of added extras. You will not be able to put this book down and when you finish it you will be left with unanswered questions. Reading this book is a great way to cool off on a very hot summer day.

For those of you who like historic fiction especially in a series that can keep you going for a while, try reading the Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer.
There are five books in the series, the newest one just recently published. Who knows, there could be more.
Starting in the early 1900s you will wind your way into the 60s with a family that runs into problems at every turn. Never fear, they have plenty of money to see them through. There are some heart breaking surprises. Money can’t quite buy everything.
Now June is starting and we are going to Tahoe in a few days. I am on the search for books about the Lake Tahoe area. Seems like they are mostly mysteries so I may need to add other books to keep my interest.
You will hear from me in a few weeks.

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