Traveling To Tahoe

Traveling to Tahoe

First of all, I want to thank Corry for staying with Martin so he does not have to go to a kennel.
We had a coupon for a free night at a Hilton Garden Inn. We stayed there Thursday night to make it easier to get our early flight and we could also leave our car there for the week. It is our usual style to let these expire so thanks Neal for finding a way to enjoy this free night.
Our flights were fine. Again thanks to Neal we were upgraded all the way. On our flight to LAX they handed out Samsung tablets that held the entertainment system. Although they could easily have been accessible they were not. Fortunately I had lots of books to read on my good old Victor Stream.
When we picked up our rental car we were given a Ford Escape that only had five miles on it. We actually have temporary plates. Something kept showing up on the display covering the things Neal needed to say. The display told us we were in transport mode and we should call our dealer. What dealer you might ask. Neal called customer service but they were closed. He went on line and found a blog with the answer on how to turn it off. You pump the brakes 5 times and press the starter six times. Honest, this is the high Tec truth.
Our drive from the Reno airport gave a preview of the beauty we were headed for.
Our condo is lovely. It is a rustic three story structure with staggered attached walls to the other units. We have access to a pool, hot tub, bar and spa. The bedrooms and bathrooms are on the lower level and they are kind of small or I should say normal size. There is a spacious living area with full kitchen and fire place. The third level is a loft with two single beds. We were supposed to be sharing this with our daughter and son in law but he got sick and has surgery scheduled for Monday. We sure miss them. We did steel the pillows from their bed.
We drove into town for dinner and ate pulled pork and pulled chicken and had a great local beer called Alibi porter.
Then we walked around town and looked at restaurants. There are supposed to be 62 restaurants here. There are a few that should be very good and mostly we can walk to them.
We walked to breakfast Saturday morning. I think it was less than a two mile walk. It was down hill going and very up hill coming home. We were not convinced we would be able to do the long up hill without really feeling the altitude. We did fine. Thanks to all the walking we have been doing.
We ate at the Wild Flower Cafe. The web site said they had huevos rancheros but they lied. Our food was good but we will try some other places.
We went food shopping and got some treats for snacking.
Now I think it is nap time.

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