Further Adventures in Incline Village

Further adventures in Incline Village

I should have mentioned earlier that we are actually staying in Incline Village. We are at the northeast corner of Lake Tahoe.
Yesterday we had lunch at the Tunnel creek café. I had an amazing chicken sandwich. Part of what made this so good is that I very rarely eat bread let alone a sandwich. This was whole wheat bread and I enjoyed every bite.
There was a trail right across from the restaurant that we decided to hike. At the trail head there was a box where you had to put in a dollar for each walker and 2 dollars if you were riding a bike. We added our 2 dollars to the pile and started down the trail. We made it about half way. This was about a mile and a half each way. Of course there were lots of ups and downs. We walked through a pine forest with stunning views of the lake. Again the climate was perfect.
We decided to have dinner at the number 1 rated restaurant in town. It is Lone Eagle Grill and it is part of the Hyatt hotel. This is more of a village than the usual Hyatt. We wanted an outside table but so did everyone else. At least Neal could see out the window slightly away from us. I had Duck and Neal had Salmon. His was the best. We tried nice California red wine and passed on dessert.
This morning we had breakfast at home and it was very pleasant. We watched a local TV show about all the outdoor sports around here. People seem to spend every minute outdoors.

We drove to a state park and hiked the Spooner Lake loop trail. This was a 2.5 mile loop. We saw entirely different scenery. We walked through meadows and over small creeks. We saw a different lake with lots of fishing going on. It was catch and release fishing. This may have been the nicest hike I was ever on.
Then we drove home and parked our car and walked into town. We stopped for ice coffee and did a little shopping. We were exhausted when we got home around 2:00. We were too tired to eat. We both took off our shoes and relaxed for a while. We will be heading out for dinner soon. We are not sure where we will be eating tonight. We are hoping to be able to eat outside. We will walk to dinner.
There are 62 restaurants here. We hope to hit the top ten anyway. Food is important here. Guess what, it is important to us as well.

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