Sunday Evening and Monday in Incline Village

Sunday evening and Monday in Beautiful Incline Village
Last night we went to the Sierra Café for dinner. When we headed out, walking, our plan was to only eat there if we could get an outside table and go to Tomato’s for pizza. Somehow, we ended up at the Sierra Café in the Hyatt even though they said it was too windy to eat outside. We did have one of the best burgers I have ever had. The sides were pretty special. Neal had tortilla soup and I had a tomato cucumber salad.
When we were ready to leave it had just started to rain. The door man offered to have the Hyatt car drive us home but we decided to use Uber for the first time. It looked like we would be waiting a long time for a car so we decided to go with the free hotel car. Then the rain stopped and we ended up walking home. It was a lovely walk. We asked the phone for walking directions and we were taken a new way.
We did too much walking yesterday. I ended up with 11 miles at 26,000 steps and 62 flights of stairs from walking up so many hills. For some reason that only Fitbit knows, Neal had 96 flights of stairs and we walked the same places all day.
I was broken and glad to get to bed.
Monday morning we decided to walk to Wild Flower Café for breakfast. We had coffee at home first and got started walking just before 7:00.
Breakfast was good and so was the walk.
Then I needed a little rest from the day before.
Around noon we headed out for ice coffee and drove into the mountains. We went to a trail that was at a summit of 9,000 feet. The first several yards of the trail were covered with about a foot of snow. We were glad we wore our hiking shoes. We could feel the higher altitude. We did as much of the trail as we could avoiding the snow.
We drove along part of the lake and saw a couple of other towns. Incline Village is so beautiful. Some of the other places were more funky kind of trashy tourist places but still fun to see.
My entire knowledge of this area comes from 4 mysteries that I read. It is still enough to help town names seem familiar.
Today we drove into California. I think the Nevada areas are prettier.
I think we are going to walk to the pizza place tonight but I will let you know tomorrow.

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