Keep Reading July 2016

Keep Reading July 2016
Another summer is flying by. Not to mention that the year is over half way used up.
This month two of my favorite books came from an author who never lets us down. Two people mentioned that Richard Russo had a new book out called Everybody’s Fool. I looked it up and to my surprise he wrote an earlier book in the nineties called Nobody’s Fool. I downloaded both of them and started in on the first one.
They are both fun reads. They take place in a small town in upstate New York filled with amazing, bigger than life characters.
I actually like the first book better than the second one because the development of the characters was so much fun. Please don’t read Everybody’s Fool without reading Nobody’s Fool.

The Crooked House by Christobel Kent is a slightly scary page turner. I have never read anything else by this author so I hope there are more books to come. A young woman in England is a family member surviving a murder claiming everyone other than her and her father. It is assumed that the father is the killer and since he is unable to communicate he cannot change people’s minds. The young woman is invited to a wedding in the town where the murder took place by a man she has fallen in love with. Being back in the town is a struggle for her but she can’t help digging into the crime. I will tell you no more.

My choice for nonfiction may actually be a very tall tale.
Carrying Albert Home: The somewhat True Story of A Man, His Wife, and Her Alligator by Homer H. Hickan I am just going to copy the description from the BARD website on this one because there is no way I could say it better.
1935. Elsie Hickam’s husband Homer gives her an ultimatum: him or the alligator, Albert–who had been a wedding present from an old love of hers, Buddy Ebsen. Elsie decides to take Albert home to Florida, and Homer joins her on the trip. Based on the lives of the author’s parents. This is the ultimate summer fun book. Who said they did not have fun in the thirties?

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