Keep Reading September 2016

Keep Reading September 2016

September is my favorite month and it sure flew by. I was able to grab lots of good reading time on our new screen porch. Has it really been here almost a month?
I read a good mix of fiction and non-fiction this month but nothing really from the past. However I did read a wonderful book about the past.
My most favorite book from September is:
The Underground railroad by Colson Whitehead
How did I not know there was a real railroad? I wonder if any of those stations are still there. I have read many books that cover at least a bit of this subject but this historic fiction does the best job ever. If you are new to this subject, this book will send you down the right railroad.

My second favorite book is The Deep South Four Seasons on Back Roads by Paul Theroux.
This is not really a travel book but kind of a cross between a travel book and some kind of case study. Theroux, who writes the absolute best travel books, out, does himself on this one. He makes four trips, yes one for each season, to the Deep South. He visits small impoverished towns and spends a lot of time at gun shows and diners and churches getting to know the local population. He builds real relationships over the year and shares his insight with us. I really loved this book and I sometimes find myself feeling like this writer can be a bit arrogant.
The frosting on the cake, at least for me, is that he covers great southern literature from the past. I have a nice new collection of titles waiting for me.

A true fiction that was recently released is At the Water’s Edge by the woman who brought us Water for Elephants.
Sara Gruen gives us another great read. I have to say, this does not quite live up to Water for Elephants but it comes pretty close.
Spend some time with a couple of nasty drunks and a much nicer woman while they stay in a sweet country inn in Scotland. This is during WW 2 and both these gentleman have done their best to avoid fighting in the war. The Three Americans are hunting for the Loch Ness Monster. While the woman pulls away from her husband and his friend she grows closer to the people in the town. You will find yourself wanting to spend your next vacation in the shabby but friendly inn.
Is there really a monster?

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