Keep Reading February 2017

This month included a weeklong vacation in Mexico with lots of hours by the pool and lots of great reading.  I put books aside all year to read during this week.  I try to keep them a bit light and vacation like.

My very most favorite book, this month did not quite fit into the light and easy category.

A Doubter’s Almanac by Ethan Canin held me spellbound for many glorious hours.  Sometimes I am so glad a book is long.

A brilliant young mathematician discovers the answer to a proof and his life is downhill from there.  How much of his brilliance and how much of his instability did he pass on to his children?  Will these traits show up in grandchildren?  What is genetic and what is learned?

You will not be able to stop reading.

My older book for this month is written by William March.  The Bad Seed is definitely not long.  You may have seen these movie years ago but I’ll bet you will remember it when you start reading this book.  In a very short book, March develops strong characters and a very scary plot line.  I won’t say more.  This is a great airplane book; you can finish it between Boston and California.


America’s First Daughter by Laura Kamoie and Stephanie Dray they have combined to do extensive research of thousands of letters and other historic documents to bring us this breath taking piece of history.  It is interesting to look at the time in which Thomas Jefferson lived and influenced history.  He was also greatly influenced by the history going on around him.  His daughter Patsy dedicated her life to caring for him and preserving his legacy while he put his country ahead of his family.

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