Get Out with audio description

Get Out With Audio Description


I have decided to review movies that I see with audio description.  Yes, I said see.  Seeing can be Hearing and the combination is believing.


My movie theater of choice is the AMC Methuen Loop Theatre.  If you are visually impaired, or know someone who is visually impaired, find the AMC Theatre near you.  Not only will you have audio description, you will often have electronic recliners and access to a full bar.  This fabulous combination brings the movie experience to an all-time high.


I have been seeing interviews with people involved in making the movie GET OUT for weeks.  I read a brilliant description of the movie in the New Yorker.  My husband really wanted to see this movie and he does not like scary movies.  Ah! The power of advertising.


Just when you think there is nothing new under the sun, surprise! This movie is full of surprises and not those cheap blood curdling ones.  Although there are some bloody scenes, they are described with less emphasis on the gory parts and more on the parts that pertain to the story.


You will not figure this one out.  I was amazed that with all the hype given to this movie no one gave away the plot.


You have to see this to believe it.  If you are visually impaired the description is a must.  Also, your sighted friend will be too busy to explain it.


Here is a hint when going to an audio described movie.  Ask for two players so you can count on one working and you won’t have to ask for help during the movie.  The description will not start until the feature actually begins.  You might want to bring your own head phones.  Don’t be afraid to complain if the player does not work.  Please take advantage of audio description so it will expand.  This year most of the Academy Award nominees were described.  We have come a long way baby.


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