Keep Reading April 2017

Keep Reading April 2017


I am sorry I am late with my book choices for April.  I was away for the second half of the month and the beginning of May.  The good news is that I had a lot of time to read while I was away.

My favorite book for April is called The Nix by Nathan Hill.

This is a recent book published last year.  A, somewhat floundering college professor who owes his publisher a second book decides to investigate his mother’s past.  She has recently been arrested for a political protest and it seems that this might not be the first time she was involved in such a thing.



The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See

This is a 2017 release.  Most of the story takes place in a remote Chinese village that survives by growing and selling tea.  There are secret trees that belong to one woman.  She passes this secret on to her daughter.  The tea from this tree is very special and can bring a fortune to the village.  Would this be a good thing?  The daughter translates for an outsider who wants this tea.  The young girl gives birth to a daughter who needs to be given up for adoption.  The mother never stops looking for her daughter.

Trust me; this is a great read.


I finished the second volume in the three part series by Proust and I love it even more.  I will save the last book for this summer.


In my quest to reread favorite books, I read Love In The Time of Cholera.  I actually think I never read this book but I sure love it.

This book is written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Columbian author.  It was written in 1985.  I especially love the touch of magic that graces so many of the books by Spanish speaking writers.  If you have not read this or if you don’t remember it completely, I strongly urge you to read it again.  If you have not read it; if you were born after the millennium, curl up with this book.  If you can read in Spanish I am jealous.

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