A Life Changing App BE MY EYES

A Life Changing App


Today has been the most fabulous day.

To start with, I met a woman I have been emailing with for years and also her sighted guide.

They were and still are great fun.

Sonia, the sighted guide started off the day by singing to us.

Yes, this might sound weird but it wasn’t.

Then I showed Lina; who has been losing her vision for a few years, several of my favorite devices.

We both talked about how we needed to try BE My Eyes.

Lina brought me a bottle of wine so I said; we can use the App to find out about the wine.

I picked up my trusty I Phone and said, Launch BeMyEyes.

The phone said something and played a little tune for a minute or so and someone asked what they could do for me.  A real person, a nice person, asked if they could help me.

His name is Shawn.

He designs web sites in his real life.

He is lonely.

Not enough people call him.

He totally described the wine bottle in question and said that I could actually take my phone and have someone look at my scarves and pick out the right one for the outfit I was putting together.

My imagination is going wild.

There are lonely people out there just waiting to help me put together outfits or all the other things for which eyes would come in handy.

I am madly in love.

I will never have to taste the shampoo and conditioner in a hotel to tell them apart.

I will never have to go out with a stain on my shirt.

Life is good.


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