Keep Reading July 2017

Keep Reading July 2017


Summer is meant for reading and I am doing my best to enjoy as many books as I can.  Sitting by the lake, or on the porch glider, you are likely to find me lost in a good book.  Summer is time for fun fiction both old and new.  An interesting nonfiction may find its way into my list as well.

Here are some of my favorite reads from July:


I will start with the two nonfiction books that really gave me new understandings.  Looking For A Ship by John McPhee

Recently someone suggested this author to me.  He wrote extensively for the New Yorker and wrote several books in the eighties and nineties.  This is my second John McPhee book and I am thrilled that there are several more.  He takes you into a world you know nothing about and leaves you wanting more.  This book is about commercial shipping.  Who knew this subject could be so fascinating.  Now I have to wait for it to come up in a conversation.


Just Mercy a Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson

This is a disturbing book covering the beginning of the Equal Justice Initiative.  This is one in a series of books I have been reading to help me understand the discrimination that seems to be mounting in the world today.  It reads like a novel but unfortunately it is true.


Now on a lighter side.

Mississippi Blood by Greg Iles


This is the third book in a series.

The Devil’s Punch Bowl and The Bone Tree should be read first.  These are very long books so you will be set for a while.

I love southern mysteries with their spooky swamps and gracious houses.  This book gives you both along with nasty characters that are hard to imagine live in the world today.  However they do and they want to be in charge.  Take these books on long flights and you will wish you had more time.


Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

Remember Girl On A Train?  Who can forget?  I liked this book just as much.  I have heard that the reviews have not been great.  What are people thinking?  I could not put this book down.  She writes in the same way narrating the book through several characters and jumping back and forth from character to character and moving around in time.  I did have to go back a couple of times because I was not paying close enough attention.  You don’t want to miss a single word.


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