Keep Reading August 2017

Keep Reading August 2017


Some people seem to think summer is over but I am hanging on tightly to the last few weeks.

August was a good reading month for me and I already think I have my favorite book for September.  I am going to make you wait.


Bare Town by Fredrik Backman

He has done it again.  This book is centered around the game of hockey and how it can same a dyeing small town.  I hate hockey but I still totally loved this book.  I just love his writing.  He says things I wish I said or at least could remember so I could say them.  I hope he keeps writing.  I strongly recommend all his books.


The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende

This is another author who never disappoints me.  Although most of her books take place in the past this book spends most of its time in the present.  There are journeys back in time but not so far back.  You will love all the characters in this book.  Sometimes it is nice to read a book where there are really no bad guys.


What We Become by Arturo Perez Reverte

Last month I read Queen of the South, a newer book by this author.  I like What We Become much better.  The writer weaves us back and forth through three periods in the lives of the main characters.  You get to visit three completely different parts of the world and periods in recent history.  The story will take your breath away.


This was a month of books that were translated into English.  I finished reading Remembrance of things Past by Proust.  Seriously, the last book was the best but the entire thing is worth reading.  Just take your time and think of it as a tool for relaxing.



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