Day 2 With the 3 Happy Wanderers

Day Two with the three Happy Wanderers


We awoke to a beautiful fall day in Pennsylvania.


With no real plan we hit the road.  I have always wanted to travel like this.

I am getting the back seat.  I have built myself a little nest.  I am writing from my cozy nest.


First stop Gettysburg.  This is somewhere I have always wanted to go.  I will say one thing for our government.  They know how to do a national park.  I wish we had a week to spend there.  We did a lot of walking and followed a tour of Little Round Top.  I have read so much about this and I loved every minute we spent there.  I think I had chills and goose bumps for most of the time.

Our GPS decided to take us around an endless circle of downtown Gettysburg. Seriously, I am not sure what her deal was but we were caught in a continuous loop. Eventually we switched to the GPS on my phone and we escaped.

Later while driving on Highway 30 we made a fun discovery.  If you are ever in this area don’t miss Mr. Ed’s elephant museum and candy emporium.  We promised one another that we would make this a memorable road trip and this attraction will stay in our memories for ever.  First of all there is a walk through a garden with all kinds of amusing statues.  A lot of them involved elephants.  There seemed to be some special preparation for Halloween including an enchanted forest with hats and shoes nailed to trees and an elephant grave yard splattered with broken who knows what.  I think maybe they broke an entire collection of elephant everything and just dumped all the pieces here.  All I kept thinking was that someone must have had too much money and too much time and a vivid imagination.


Then we went inside; one side housed a museum of silly stuff almost all of it having something to do with elephants.  There must have been thousands of elephant figurines.  The middle had lots of old fashioned candy.  Have you ever wanted to see everything Pez?  You have no idea how many Pez dispensers there are.


We were off to Hagerstown for a yummy German lunch.  We ate at Schmankerl Stube.  After some discussion we agreed to eat outside in what turned out to be a pleasant beer garden.  I had a chef salad that was not like any other.

Our final stop was C and O canal. We walked the tow path where the mules walked to pull the barges.  This was a great way to walk off our lunch.


I have to say that I laughed more today than I have in a long time.  It seemed to be especially fun for Mike and Neal to make me laugh when I needed to go to the bathroom.


We ended up driving a little later than we wanted to.  Hotels were pretty full.  There was a big college football game on Saturday night and everyone seemed to be getting in town early.


We had a late but delicious dinner in a Mexican restaurant next to the hotel and then took a short walk.


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