Just Another Saturday in Virginia

Just Another Saturday in Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia


We had breakfast in the hotel.  There is something to be said for free.


Although the traffic was a little lighter today, all kinds of nutty drivers seemed to be on the road.  Neal and Mike had endless conversations about who the bad drivers were that did not belong in the left lane.

We were headed for Bristo Virginia/Tennessee.  We wanted to copy the Geico commercial and walk back and forth across the Virginia/Tennessee state line that runs down the middle of the street.  We used our Road Side America App to find out what there was to do in Bristol.  We found where we wanted to eat lunch.  Bob’s Burger Bar is the place where Hank Williams said he was not hungry when his driver went in to get food.  That would have been Hank’s last meal.  We ate it for him.  Mike and I split a combo grilled cheese sandwich burger.  The place was packed and the food was tasty.


If you are wandering around looking for a bathroom, and of course laughing, stop in the public library.  You never know what you will find.  We stumbled into an old typewriter exhibit.  Seriously, this was overly cool.  Two guys were there who owned the typewriters. I got to type on all of them.  I had no idea how much interesting design went into these machines through the 20th century.  Not only were they lovely but I like imagining what authors might have typed on such a typewriter.

Now we are headed to the time share.  We should be there in a couple of hours.


We unpacked and settled into our new home.  Lots of room to spread out.  We have no real internet connection so I will post all the blog at once.

We went to the grocery store and bought evNex we made drinks and sat on our porch looking at the mountains.  They actually look smoky.  We ended up ordering pizza and just hanging out.  en more snacks.

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