Can It Really Be Sunday

Can it Really Be Sunday?


Mike got up early and walked to get more steps than me.


We had coffee and headed out for breakfast.

The weather is once again perfect.

We ate at Mel’s diner.  I am not kidding.  Complete with the theme song being played from speakers in bushes.  We are in another world.

The food was good and the service even better.  Faith was our server.

Now we are back and I think, getting ready for a hike in the mountains.  The only trouble is we have to make our way through the traffic once again.

We wanted to go for a walk in the mountains. After we worked our way through the traffic we got to some lovely country.  However the trails were all a bit too tricky for me.  Since I had chipped a tooth on toast at breakfast and lost my Fitbit, I was feeling like it was not a good day for jumping from rock to rock over a river.  Don’t worry, the chip is small and I had a spare Fitbit.  Please stop laughing.


We headed for Gatlinburg.  Another mile after mile of traffic jam.  We found a parking lot and had another laughing fit.  I did not have to go to the bathroom either.  The giant pick up truck in front of us took over ten minutes to pay the ten dollar parking fee.  They paid with singles and change that they must have been scraping up from between the seats and the floor.  We were wondering what they would use for money once they got parked.  They probably had seven credit cards.

We walked around for a while and went back to the car.

Then it was time for a nap and now it is cocktail hour.

We walked to the Island.  This is a massive City Walk kind of place that must be owned by Jimmy Buffett.  However he had allowed Paula Deen to have a giant restaurant.  Of course we had to eat there.  We needed to wait 45 minutes for our table.  We spent part of the time sitting in giant rocking chairs watching dancing water.  This is the land of giant chairs.

My son Scott would have loved the food here.  There was a pound of butter on my plate alone. The food was served family style and all you could eat.  No alkanol was served.  We all ate too much but it sure was good.  We are thinking about going back for breakfast.

I crawled into bed at 10:00.


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