Just Another Manic Monday

Just another Manic Monday


Today it was off to find a waffle House for breakfast.  I think the same waitress works at all Waffle Houses.  I don’t know how she does that.  Our food was good and listening to conversations was great fun.

Then back to the room for a brief rest and we were off to cross the Great Smoky Mountains to find the casino on the other side.

I am not much for casinos but I had a great time.  Neal played a poker game he loves and Mike and I played slot machines.  Trust me, they have managed to make these no fun for blind people but Mike made it fun for me.  Neal won, Mike won, and I lost $4.85.

Next we went to Dairy Queen and had an ice cream lunch.  I had a peanut buster parfait and it was wonderful.  I wanted to sleep on the way home but Mike and Neal kept making me laugh.  I used the restroom before we left so I was safe.

While driving twisty mountain roads we came to cars standing still that we could not pass.  Eventually we realized there was a black bear on the side of the road.  We took pictures and were amazed that some stupid people had their windows rolled down and one nut case actually got out of his car.  What part of the word wild do they not understand?

We got home and all went straight into napping.


Cocktail hour comes pretty quickly around here.

It was back to the Island to a moonshine tasting.  Brilliant me forgot my ID.  You can’t get a drink on the island without an ID even When are an old lady like me.  Neal kept slipping me tastes anyway.

Dinner was at Timberwood Grill.  This was not our best meal or service.  Our server shall not be named but she should have had a different career path.  There were cheap drinks made from moonshine.  Some things should be left well enough alone.

Then back to our little home and some bad TV.

Another day of laughter and fun.


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