Wednesday, Another Day At Dollywood

Wednesday, Day 2 Of Dollywood


Our day got off to a slow start.  Neal’s Fitbit broke and we had to shop for a new one.  He expected it was going to break and that is why we had the spare one.  However, since I lost mine I had been using the replacement.  Dick’s sporting Goods was our next stop.

We had beakfast once again at Mel’s.

Then we were off to Dollywood.  Today’s main goal was music.  Mike and I went on some big swing ride and decided that would be enough of the roller coaster type rides.


We were headed to get the cinnamon bread that we smelled the day before.  This was truly the tastiest cinnamon bread I ever had.  Another pound of butter was consumed.  It was in the bread, extra butter was not needed.  We walked through Dolly’s attic and her tour bus.

Then it was time for gospel music at the theater in the pines.  The group was the Kingdom Heirs and they were very good.  Their back up band was even better.

We walked around the County Fair area and wandered through a couple of shops.

Then it was time for another theater.  We saw the show Dolly’s People.  This was a live show starring lots of Dolly’s relatives.  I think this was in the Heart Song Theater.  Dolly joined the group and narrated the show by video.


We were all pretty tired and decided to spend an evening at home.  We had a lot of snack food to get through.  Neal stopped and bought another loaf of the delicious bread.


We all went to bed pretty early.


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