Thursday In Pigeon Forge

Thursday in Pigeon forge


We started our day with another breakfast at Mel’s.  By now I think we are considered regulars.  Since we get a 15 percent off coupon with our receipt, it is hard to not keep going back.  Plus the food is really good.


Then we headed out of town to look for a fruit stand so we could get some apples.  I wanted to bring some back for a friend who said Tennessee apples were the best.  We found a lovely rural area with farms and stunning scenery.  We stopped in a fun country store and made some fun purchases.  Then we found the fruit stand and bought some apples.


On our way back into town we stopped at a fide that is supposed to be the longest roller coaster hill in America.  Mike waited for us while we did the ride.  We rode in kind of a bob sled thing.  You could control your own speed.  We went up and up and up for what seemed like forever.  The land around us was really beautiful and the air smelled so fresh.  Then came the down.  Neal was controling the speed so of course we were going really fast.  I thought my hands were going to never be able to let lose of the side rails.  Eventually I realized we could be going slower.  Neal gave in and we had a lovely ride in the Great Smoky Mountains.


Then it was back ome.  We were going to have an early dinner so we could watch the Patriots game that was actually going to be shown in tennessee.

We ate at The Old Mill restaurant and the food was pretty good.  Mike and I had the turkey dinner and it was not all that great but the soup and salad were good and we got our dessert to go.  While waiting for dinner we walked around the area near the restaurant.  There were some really cute shops.  We did another Moon Shine tasting but this time I had my ID.  We all loved the oatmeal cookie flavor and were going to by some until we found out it was $28 for a quart.


We went home and the guys watched the game while I read.


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