Friday in Pigeon Forge

Another Fabulous Friday


We are approaching the end of our time in Pigeon forge.  We saved breakfast at Paula Deen’s for our last full day.

Of course we ate far too much food and it was ever so tasty.  Again it was served family style.  We could pick three Maine dishes for the table.  We could pick 1 meet and two sides.  I think the biggest hit was the brown sugar coated bacon.  My favorite was the tomato and cheese grits.

Then we walked around the island a little more and we headed off to find a liquor store.  They sold beer and wine in the grocery store but we needed to go to the next town for actual liquor.


Next it was nap time.

Our afternoon excursion was too an animal park.  This was in a lovely location.  There were lots of animals for us to feed.  I think the Emus and the guanacos.  They were the gentlest eaters.  The camel was also polite but he would steel things like glasses.  I am a sucker for these places even though I feel sorry for the animals.  These guys did seem pretty happy.


Once again it was cocktail hour and time to plan our last dinner in Pigeon Forge.  We decided to go for bar-b-que.  After reading a lot of reviews we selected Bennett’s.  This was a good choice.  The food was amazing.  I am no expert but I thought it was the best pulled pork I ever had.

Once again we were really tired.  Vacationing is exhausting.


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