Saturday and Heading Home

Saturday and Heading Home


We were all up bright and early to pack and get ready to start our trip home.

Maybe some of us were more awake than others.

One last breakfast at Mel’s and time to load the car.

We were off for another adventure.

We still had sunny weather but we just found out a hurricane was going to chase us home.

We had lunch at Hardy’s and visited Beckley West Virginia for a visit to a former coal mine and tour of the buildings that were moved there from other coal mining camps.  We rode a coal train down into the mine.  It was not at all creepy.  Our guide was great.

Then we headed for Charleston and our home for the night.  We stayed in a Embassy suites and took advantage of the free drinks.  Then it was Outback Steak House for dinner and some normal back home kind of food.

Our trip is coming to an end.  There is actually a little part of me that will be glad to be home but this vacation has been great.

Thanks to my traveling buddies who have always found me a bathroom and kept me laughing so I needed one.


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