Sunday and Monday On Our Way Home

Sunday and Monday on our way home.


Sunday was mostly a driving day.  The weather was getting questionable.

We were all a little tired.

We stayed in Scranton Sunday night and ate in the hotel.  Scranton seemed a bit sad to me.

We also started having real rain.

Monday morning we ate in the hotel and hit the road.  We stopped for lunch just over the border in Massachusetts at a Cracker Barrel.  We thought we would be eating at more of these.  It seemed funny to eat there for the first time when we were almost home.

I sure had a great time.  A special thanks to Neal for all the driving and the endless silly songs.  Thanks to Mike for always having a few choices of things for us to do.  I am not sure what I contributed other than laughing.  I also noticed that other people were glad to use the bathrooms that I needed.

I can’t wait until the next adventure.


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