Keep Reading October 2017

Keep Reading October 2017


I am sorry this took so long but this has been a tough month.  My mom passed on November 1st and kind of took the wind out of my sails.  I was thinking of skipping this month’s book suggestions but it is time to jump back in the saddle.


I reread my all-time favorite book for the 4th time.  It is really not quite fair to suggest this book because it is kind of hard to find.  It is, however on the NLS web site.

The History of Rome Hanks and Kindred Matters by Joseph Stanley Pennell

This book was written in 1944.  Its ground breaking style is a bit like reading Faulkner.  The narrator tells the story of his family during and after the Civil War.  There were family members fighting on both sides.  My visit to Gettysburg inspired me to read this book one more time.  I am sure I will read it again.


I also reread Killer Angels by Michael Shaara gives a detailed and riveting description of the battles at Gettysburg.


Stepping just a little bit away from the Civil War, I really loved Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

This book won the Man Booker prize for this year.  This means a book from a US author has won two years in a row.  The Brits are not too happy about this.  They only allowed us in the competition three years ago.  We came in second the first year.

There is really nothing close to this book.  Lincoln visits his son’s tume and we are off on an incredible journey guided by spirits in the cemetery who are waiting for their next life.  Hold on, this is quite a journey.


I am sorry about this but we are going just a little before the Civil war for this one.

The Map Maker’s Children by Sarah McCoy jumps back and forth in time from before the war to current times.  A house in a small town is the real star in this book. The earlier resident Sarah Brown, daughter of John Brown finds herself playing an active role in the Under Ground railroad.  The current resident Eden is struggling to settling in a small town and dealing with the fact that she and her husband are unlikely to have children.  A little girl from next door and an adopted dog help Eden discover the truth about her new home and her new life.


Sing Unburied Sing by Jesmyn Ward

The author of Salvage the Bones does it again.  Powerful characters including a couple of ghosts make this story of a family with its joys and tribulations end far too soon.



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