Tuesday In florence

Tuesday in Florence

We were all feeling a bit lazy in the morning and just played the part of vegetables until Marco picked us up for our ride in the country.
It was a cool rainy day.
We drove for a bit over an hour through unbelievable country side. We were able to ask Marco a lot of questions.
Our building probably started life as four towers in medieval times. When the Renesonse came the towers were connected and the apartments built. This would have been in the 15th century.
Marco helped us plan our three days of historic sites by neighborhood so we could get the most out of the days.
We had lunch in a sweet little Chianti town and of course the food was wonderful. I had sausage bean soup and shared it with Peggy who shared her ravioli with me.
Then we did a winery tour in a castle from the 13th century. People live in it so we only toured
the wine making part. Then we had a tasting and a little lesson in tasting correctly. We shared our table with some people from India who have friends who run a school for the blind. It is a small world.
Then it was back home for our afternoon nap.
We went back to the restaurant we have come to love that is outside our door. I had sward fish that was fixed like tuna tartar. It was just perfect. We shared a piece of Cheese cake for dessert that was light and fluffy. I do love the food here.

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