Saturday, Moving Day

Saturday, moving Day

First of all let me make a correction. There was no Taser involved in the excitement at the Bargello museum yesterday. Neal likes to embellish stories when he tells them to me. I usually can figure it out but apearently not all the time.

We got up Saturday morning and started packing. Neal was heading home and we were heading to Pystoia with Joanne.
We took one last walk around florence and had one last breakfast. Then it was back to the apartment to finish packing Neal was taking some of my things home since he was planning to check a bag.
We said good by to Neal and called our taxie. We then took the train to Pystoia. The train was clean and comfirtable and all went smoothly. It took under an hour to get to Pystoia. We then took another taxie to Joanne’s.

Her apartment is lovely. Peggy and I have a nice bedroom with twin beds. I envy someone who has a guest room that people can really settle into.
We took a nap and then had tea and coffee on the beautiful terrice.
Joanne has a sweet older dog. She was a bit shy at first but warmed up easily. She is a large black dog, some kind of french breed.
Soon friends of Joanne joined us for wine and cheese and we headed out for dinner. We walked to a large square with the local Duomo as the main feature. We had a delicious dinner. I had duckwith some kind of pasta made from tomatoes.
I forgot to mention lunch. We had walked to a different square and ate outside. Peggy and I both had a dish made with octopus that had been cooked for 7 hours and served in a creamy broth made from cheese and other things I can’t remember. There were small cruncy pieces of the octopus skin as a garnish. This was very different and really tasty. I am eating things I have never eaten before and loving it.
After our dinner and a wonderful conversation we walked to a place for more jellato. This time we had very small cups. Then we walked back home.
One of Joanne’s friends is an artist from Englad who has lived here for years. She is doing a show in London in a couple of weeks. The other friend is a cussin of someone working in the White House. The convesations were very stimulating although it was hard to hear in the restaurant. We will see both these friends again.

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