Sunday in Pystoia

Just another Sunday In Pistoia
First of all let me say I am sorry for not spell checking yesterday’s entry. I am doing this in stages and I skipped that step for yesterday.
Peggy and I started the day by going to find some pastries for breakfast. Since it was Sunday we only found one place open. We stood at the bar Italian style and had hot chocolate and then made our purchases and headed home. The city was really still asleep and so was Joanne.
We sat on the terrace and had our breakfast.
Joanne’s dog is fast becoming our friend. She is a herding dog and likes it best when we are all together and not scattered around the apartment.
We took the train to Lucca for a classic music festival. Peggy spotted a restaurant she remembered from her first trip here with Steve. She treated us all to a truly lovely lunch. I had a lovely fish with clam sauce and spinach topped with a few raisins and the best dessert so far.
Then we searched out a venue to listen to music. We picked a cello concert. The hall was packed. I got a seat and Peggy and Joanne sat on the floor. I met a woman from Texas who grew up in Lexington MA. She spoke some Italian and was able to tell me about what was going on. I am not a big cello fan. We left before it was over and headed back to the train. We missed the train we were hoping to catch and sat on a bench and waited for the next one. We were all pretty tired. We did not get a nap. It was about 8:30 when we staggered home. We had cheese and bread for dinner and were in bed by 11:00.

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