Wednesday in Pistoia

Wednesday in Pistoia

Peggy and I headed to breakfast and then to the big Market that starts very early on Wednesday morning. Seriously, there were two blocks of tables selling shoes. I saw several that I liked but it was pretty much impossible to try them on with no place to sit. I know I could have managed ten years ago. We spent most of the morning wandering through rack after rack of lovely clothes. We did each buy a beautiful top for about three and a half dollars. The crowds were getting a bit overwhelming so we had to give up.

Then Joanne joined us for lunch. She is feeling a little better. Peggy and I have been sharing food so we can have two courses. Of course it was another great meal with pasta followed by delicious sea bass.
Then we returned to our room and read. We started looking up things to do on our own and found a museum that looked interesting but it was already closed. We figured that if Joanne was ill we should start out on our own.
The three of us went out for dinner but Joanne did not eat. We ran into the man who we met the first night and he joined us for a while. He is a good friend of Joanne’s. He has been here twenty five years coming from New Jersey.
Then it was late and we returned to our lovely room and another good night’s sleep.

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