Thursday in Pistoia

Thursday in Pistoia

We are creeping up on the end of our vacation.
I am writing with Joanne’s big black dog on my bed. This dog has decided I need protecting. She is a real sweet heart.
I am looking forward to being home.

Thursday morning we did our usual breakfast. We have not been bringing breakfast home lately because Joanne is not eating much.

Around 11:30 we headed for the train to MonteCarlo. Not the one in Monaco. I did not know there were two cities with the same name. I have no idea which came first. This town was pretty old. We walked almost two miles along a beautiful road. Mostly it was easy walking but a little more tricky when there was traffic. Just about when the uphill was getting tough a bus stopped and picked us up.
When we were dropped off we walked up some rustic wiggly steps but at least there was a railing. At the top we found the most beautiful medieval town complete with castle and wall overlooking the valley and across to tiny villages.
We ate in a great little place with a view from a post card.
I am getting very hooked on the local white wine.
After lunch we took an easier way down to where we thought we could catch the bus. It seemed the bus stop almost an hour before. Why would a bus stop at 2:24 in the afternoon?
So we walked the two miles back to the train, mostly downhill but it was pretty hot.
I think we all slept on the train going home.
Of course now it was nap time.
We went to Nicola’s house for Apativos. Yu can guess what that is. We brought some little sandwiches and two bottles of wine.
We met the nicest people. They were from everywhere and living in Italy now. Living here could be very tempting. It was nice to hear stories about how people ended up here.
I think the best thing about travel is meeting people.

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