Friday in Pistoia, Our Last Day

Friday, Last Day in Pistoia

I don’t think either of us said a word while walking to breakfast. Although I think we are both ready to go home Italy and its life style has gotten into our blood.
Peggy and I went to the little art museum in town today. We did it all by ourselves. We looked it up and found directions and did not get lost.
The art in this museum is created by Morino Morini. He did his work in the mid nineteen hundreds. Most of it is very rough and I seem to like to feel smooth statues. Most of it was sculpture and a lot of horses and acrobats.
We got in free again. We had a woman unlocking doors for us. We were not sure if we were seeing things that not everyone sees. We were the only ones there. Peggy would get into the poses or put me in poses of the various statues. I was allowed to touch everything.
When we left we found the little museum restaurant that Joann told us about. It is in a garden behind the museum. We had drinks and a lovely lunch. Again we shared our food. We had pasta with garden fresh peas and a delicious salad.
Then we walked home again and took a nap.
We did most of our packing before we went out for dinner. Joann picked a special place for our last meal and we were celebrating Peggy’s birthday a few days early.
First we had drinks and apativos. We did not go in and get food because we were going to have a big dinner. However they brought us two full plates of goodies. This is like how happy hour used to be in the US many years ago. However the food they give away is wonderful and could easily be dinner.
The restaurant we ate at specialized in meat. We started with ravioli with crab and black ink. I always wanted to try this black ink. I think it comes from either octopus or cuddle fish. It was very tasty. We then had beef sliced thinly with a small amount of sauce.
We made our way home and drank the last of the scotch.
I will really Miss Italy. Life here is so relaxed and everyone is so friendly. Of course I love the food and all the wonderful smells. I am sure we will be back.

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