Keep Reading June 2018

Keep Reading June 2018

I spent almost half of this month in Florence. I did not read as much as I often do on a vacation. However, I found a couple of great airplane books that I will share.

On my flight over I filled the time easily with The Woman In The Window by A. J Finn. You will have to go back a couple of times because you are sure the author made a mistake. No, you did not remember something that was actually quite important. Try to stay on top of every word so you don’t get fooled. This is a real page turner that you won’t be able to stop reading.

In The Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende mixes tension with a little humor. You will wonder how people could do such stupid things and so complicate their lives but these characters do exactly that while trying to do the right thing. You will shake your head and ask these characters what they could possibly be thinking. Hang in there. It all comes together in a strange sort of way.

I am still hooked on Scandinavian mysteries, here is a Danish one by Sara Blædel called The Running Girl. This is part of a detective series and I am going to look for the rest of the series. In this book a party for young children is invaded by a group of violent older kids and several people are hurt. The gang members then seem to be attacked and people are blaming the mother of a girl who was killed at the party. Did she do it?

Of Course I will mention an older book and it is by an author that I love. I wish Wallace Stegner had written more books. Spectator Bird won the National Book Award. A seventy year old writer reflects on aging and his past while reading old diaries to his wife. I had to check a couple of times to see if this was autobiographical even though I knew it could not be. It was hard for me to comprehend that he was not talking about his own life. This is a great book about aging and looking back and reflecting on the past. I am at that time in my life that I spend a lot of time looking back and mostly remembering good things.

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