Keep Reading October 2018

Keep Reading October 2018

I am going to start this month’s list with the most recent Pulitzer Prize winning novel. Less by Andrew Sean Greer, Well deserves this prize.
A failing author receives a wedding invitation to his former boy friends wedding and is desperate to be out of town. He accepts several half baked invitations to speak or attend events springing from a former successful novel. Traveling around the world he finds more than he barginned for. I like books that are different and this one sure was that.

Chicago by david mamet, held my attention for every page. I grew up in Chicago during the time that the Untouchables was on TV. Yes David Mamet did help write that show. A young woman is killed while in the apartment of a Chicago newspaper reporter. Lots of famous mobsters from the twenties show up in this book. The writing is splendid and will keep you wanting more.

Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinoes, is the nonfiction book that makes my list for this month. This easy to read book tells us about the drug problems focusing on Portsmouth Ohio. It covers the history of perscription drugs as well as heroin. He also talks about how these addictions have been treated and how they are treated now.

Varina by Charles frazier,
This would not be one of my lists without a historic fiction book. Varina by Charles Frazier covered a subject that I don’t know much about. Varina was the first lady of the confederacy. In 1906 she is being interviewed by a black writer who has proof that he was a child Varina took in and raised with her children. Varina’s marriage was aranged by her parrents and her husband was still in love with his first wife who had been dead for 7 years. Things don’t go well for her for most of her life. As an older woman she is finally living a life she creates for herself.

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