Keep Reading November 2018

Keep Reading November 2018

Where in the world has this year gone? At least I can look back on all the books I have read and feel like I did my best to fill the year with something very worth my time.

All the books I will talk about were found on the BARD web site.

Where The Crawdads sing Was by far my favorite book of November. It squeaked in just under the wire. I have to thank my daughter for passing this book on to me. Delia Owens has created a spell-binding master piece with this book. You will travel back and forth in time with the Marsh girl. She survives a strange and lonely childhood mostly alone in a North Carolina swamp. Everyone seems to let her down but she is helped by a few very important people. Do they also let her down?

Michelle Obama’s book, becoming is a beautifully written book that takes you through her childhood and her years in the Whitehouse. If you are looking for political sensation, this is not the book for you. If you want to be touched by a sensitive and inspiring woman then grab this book and settle in.
A River of Stars by Vanessa Hua covers a subject that I honestly never thought about. However, this kind of thing really happens. I am going to copy the description for this book directly from the BARD Web site. I found this book both entertaining and insightful.
Pregnant Chinese factory worker Scarlett Chen’s married boss sends her to a secret maternity center in the U. S. so that the son he always wanted will have American citizenship. Scarlett runs away when she discovers she is instead carrying a daughter.
This woman really struggles and makes tough choices. At the same time the baby’s father is not having an easy time.

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