Keep Reading January 2019

Keep Reading January 2019

I am suggesting extremely wonderful books this month. I spent some time escaping the cold and I held back special books for the trip.

It is hard for me to pick a favorite among this month’s books but I will go with Overstory by Powers
This is a long and enchanting book. Most of us have a special tree somewhere in our life. A tree that helped us dream or stay calm. This book starts with stories of 9 people who have a special connection with a tree or a forest. About a third of the book is filled with these great stories. Then the stories start to connect like trees in a forest. Wonderful facts about tree are woven through this book. Trust me; don’t be frightened by the length or the subject. You will love this book.
I am always watching for books by Barbara Kingsolver. Her newest does not disappoint. Unsheltered takes you on a journey to a dilapidated house in a New Jersey town with an interesting history. You go back and forth from current time to the eighteen seventies. The current owner of the house is trying to find money to make much needed repairs. It turns out it might be impossible to save the house but she keeps on trying. She discovers a small museum with interesting town related treasures and junk and becomes friend with the curator who helps her with her search. If she can find the right story she might be able to get a grant to save the house.

Macbeth by Jo Nesbo might bring you back to High School Literature. That is certainly when I last read the play. Nesbo takes the plot of Macbeth and twists it around an Industrial city in Scotland. It could be Glasgow. The famous Shakespeare characters become members of a slightly corrupt police force, city government and a group of drug dealers. Even some of the famous quotes are there. As you sink into this world, you will begin to remember the old plot. It is all there, names and all.

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