Keep Reading March 2019

Keep Reading March 2019
Milk Man by Anna Burns is by far my favorite book from March. This 1918 winner of the Booker Prize lives up to the purpose of this award. It is unusually written with stunning characters and a gripping plot. Taking place in Ireland during the conflict between the Irish and the Protestants you become face to face with a tough, strong Irish neighborhood where everyone knows their place in life. Well, maybe not everyone.

The Huntress by Kate Quinn Is kind of a sequel to The Alice Network. At least one character makes it to this book. During WW2 a young woman becomes a Russian fighter pilot. She needs to make a quick exit and becomes involved with an English soldier and one thing leads to another. Several years later she is part of a group who are chasing German war criminals. Meanwhile you get to know a family that gets involved with one of these criminals.

The Glass Blower by Petra Durst-Benning takes place in Germany in 1890. After a glass blower dies his three daughters have to find a way to survive. The entire town is based on glass blowing and related fields. One of the daughters wants to enter the completely male field of glass blowing. All the daughters pull together to work towards keeping and expanding their father’s business.

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