Friday June 14 Porto

June 14 Porto


We went to a different breakfast place today although it really seemed to be a copy of the other place.  We had a similar breakfast and it was very good.  We did not need food until the evening when we finished off our bottle of port and ate the last of the good cheese.

We did some more walking and exploring and came home at about noon.

We took our usual nap and were out again at about 4:00.

We met the guy from the store with the music boxes and I gave him my card so he could go to the web site and see what I wrote.  He seemed so excited. We actually met him in the street a few minutes later.  He had the card in his hand and was going to show it to his auntie.  I think he was excited about the braille on my card.

We found a great street musician singing country music songs.  He had a little music system set up.  He was singing Hank Williams JR when we first found him.  He had a rolling trash can he used to move all his stuff.  He had a peddle that used the trash can for a drum.  He was great.  We talked to him a little.  He was from the Netherlands.  He was singing with no accent.

Then we walked up a million miles or it seemed like it to the big Cathedral.  There was someone up there singing This Land Is Your Land.  Life is so funny.

Then we walked back down through a neighborhood.  Older women were on their front steps talking to each other.  There were pots of vegetables and herbs growing everywhere.  It was a steep hill but really fun.

We ended up two blocks from our house.  We are certainly learning our way around or just getting luckier.

Now we are drinking port and eating cheese and getting ready to go to dinner.

Tomorrow we get the train to Lisbon and Sunday we pick up Ryan at the airport.  I look forward to seeing our next apartment.

We went back to The Wine Box for our last dinner but it was not a good experience.  The service was slow, the lamb was over cooked and the server was certainly having an off night.


We got a free glass of port out of the deal.

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