June 15 Lisbon

June 15 leaving Porto heading to Lisbon.

The taxi arrived and we were headed to the train.

We found our train track easily and while we were waiting we were surrounded by Americans.  That was more English than we had heard the entire trip.  We were traveling first class and the seat was very nice.  We arrived in Lisbon and found a taxi right away.

We ate breakfast at home and finished packing.  Our money was returned

Our apartment is lovely and the owner is really helpful.

We headed out to find food for at home and get something to eat.  St Anthony’s festival was still going on.  We were told things were winding down since this was the last day.  They seemed pretty active to us.  We stopped in a restaurant with tables outside.  There were dozens of these restaurants.  This is really a beachy kind of party area.  We had a delicious fish stew and some wine.

We headed home for a nap.  It was fun listening to the party in the street.

We woke up at about 7:30 and knew we would need some kind of light food before bed time.  We took showers and headed out to wander.  I really wanted to try the grilled sardines.  This is a big local thing and I wanted to make sure we did it before we went home.  They were being grilled everywhere.  The grilling smell was even in our apartment.  We found a little place with an outside table and placed our order.

These sardines are huge.  They are about 8 inches long and pretty fat.  I have been asking people how to eat them and everyone says with their fingers.  I was ready to try this but Neal was not so sure.  When they were served, the woman spoke English.  I asked how to eat them.  She said with your fingers.  She showed us how.  You put the entire fish on a slice of bread.  Then you grab the head and pull with a little twist.  The head, spine and tale just pull off leaving a pile of nice fish on your bread.  Somehow even the tale pulls through the fish and you are left holding, the head, with a spine that looks like a zipper and the tale at the other end.  They really were delicious.  I will do it again and not be so nervous about it.

Then we walked up the hill and through endless parties.  We stopped at a tiny little place for a glass of port.  This place was about the size of my dining room with tiny tables and stools.  When we left everyone said good bye to us.  I am not sure if they were being polite or glad to see us leave.

It was back down the hill through all the music and fun and then to bed.  We had to get up early to pick Ryan up at the airport.


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