June 21 Portugal

June 21 Lisbon


Another relaxed breakfast at home.

We took an Uber to the Benfica football stadium. This was something Ryan really wanted to do and it seemed like fun to me.

The stadium is relatively new and huge.  It seats 65,000 excited fans.  We downloaded an app that never quite worked correctly.  They seemed to have rather feeble internet.  There are two eagles that fly around the stadium.  They were sitting on perches while we were there.  We got to go into the visiting team locker room and shower.  Ryan just loved thinking of all the famous football players who spent time in this space.  It actually smelled like a locker room.

We took an Uber back to our neighborhood.  The car was a Tesla. The driver was from the Ukraine.  There must be a story there.  The car was the nicest car I have ever ridden in.  I was sad that he knew a shorter way home.

We went to the local square so Neal and Ryan could have a Francesinhas sandwich.  This is a heart attack on a plate.  There are at least three kinds of meat on two giant thick slices of bread with melted cheese and more cheese melted on top with special sauce.  A fried egg topped the one Neal had in Porto.  I had a melted cheese and eggplant sandwich.

Next it was nap time.  Ryan is packing now to go on to Spain.  We will certainly miss him.

Ryan called his Uber and as usual they showed up right away.  We missed him the minute he walked out of the door.

We walked up to the market to get a loaf of bread and some chocolate.  I have been wanting chocolate to have with my evening port.  We found a bar of very dark chocolate that is delicious.

We came back to the apartment to watch TV and have our port and chocolate.  It was about 10:00 and we were not up to going out.

I read and Neal found a movie in English on TV.  I was in bed by 11:00, Neal stayed up a little later.  The apartment seems so empty.

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