June 22 Lisbon

June 22 Lisbon


This is our last full day in Portugal.  It has been a fabulous trip full of great food, wonderful people, and endless adventure.  We were also blessed to have time to get to know Ryan.  Hopefully he will enjoy his time in Spain and make travel a big part of his life.

Today has been mostly a shopping day.  Everyone will be getting a piece of Portugal for Christmas this year.

We had a lovely lunch in the same outdoor restaurant we have eaten in several times.  They gave us each a glass of the cherry liquor they have here.  We finished the last of our shopping and took the last of our nice long naps.

It is a beautiful sunny day today.  We really have had perfect weather for the entire trip.  It was never too hot and it only rained for about 3 minutes one evening and not enough to even get us wet.  It rained during the night before we left Porto and it is supposed to rain tonight.

We have reservations for our last dinner in Lisbon and we will leave early to explore around the restaurant.  I think it is pretty close to here.

I will bring much more than things home with me.  I have some cooking ideas I want to try.  I would like to bring some tile design into our house in some way.  I have a new love of port.

Life is good.

We ate dinner at another gem.  There was probably seating for about 20 people mostly at long tables.  We had a cute little table for ourselves.  The kitchen was open and the cook seemed like she was about my age.  There were four people in total working in the restaurant.  Our food was once again amazing.  We shared three dishes, a sort of pork stew that was all meat, a shredded cod fish dish flavored with spices we had not had before and crushed corn bread with cabbage and some other finely chopped spices and vegetables.  The last dish is called Megas and I read about this in the food books I read.

We had chocolate mousse for dessert and they gave us each a glass of white port.

On our way to the restaurant we saw a store open on the ground floor of our building.  It was actually a head shop with a woman who firmly believed that all pot should be free since it was a gift from god.  It was odd that this was the only time all week that this place was open.  She also sold second hand clothing.

We returned home after dinner for one last glass of port.

I will be very sad to leave Portugal.


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