Portugal Books

Portugal Books


I am just going to list some of the books that I really enjoyed while preparing for our trip to Porto and Lisbon.  If you are planning a trip or just want to learn more about this multi-facitted country, you might find these books interesting.  When I read books before visiting a new place I read a mix of travel books, history and fiction.  I like to have a flavor of a place so I can see it in my mind while we are there.


Journey to Portugal :: in pursuit of Portugal’s history and culture

By Jose Saramago

This author has written several books and earned the Nobel Prize in the late nineties.  Most of his books are not actually about Portugal but he is a great writer and his books are worth reading.


The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel


The Last Old Place by Datus Proper

This novel is a great read even if you are not going to Portugal


The Night In Lisbon Erich Maria Remarque


Salazar Blinks by David R. Slavitt

This is the only book I could find about Salazar.  It is historic fiction, very short and quite amazing.


Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal


This was my favorite book of all.  I think I even put it in my regular book blog.  There is also a movie that is good but of course the book is better.


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